Company Profile

Corporate Vision - Focus on improving indoor air odor and establish new industry standards.

Humans breathe healthily and sing songs of air odor to manage triumph.

Team Culture - Professional Focus Diligence, Humble Mechanics, Solidarity

Guangzhou Kaiweisha Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as Kaiweisha Environmental Protection), the company specializes in the development of air odor management, with "odor control, removal of formaldehyde, olfactory marketing" as a three-dimensional integrated company, while improving the air environment of customers , Value-added customer brand added value.

Kaiweisha's corporate mission is to protect people's breathing health with the mission of “Reasonable clothing and Lingtai Kaige”. The company adopts imported materials and advanced technology, and has successively obtained China's green environmental protection brand, famous Chinese brand, etc.; the company has set "research and development, production and sales" as a whole, and it has distribution agents with more than 30 cities in the country, Hangzhou Branch and Shanghai Branch, Dongguan Kaiweisha Industry witnessed the brand strength.

All Kaiweisha environmental protection products adopt the "maternal and child formula" standard. At the same time, they pass the "Non-toxic, Harmless, ROHS, EMC-CE, etc. International Standard Safety Certification, and uphold the harmonious concept of human, material and environmental, let the breath sing triumphal song. .


development path

October 2015 Guangzhou Kaiweisha Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. registered capital of 20 million;

September 2017 "Kai Weisha" won the famous Chinese brand;

In September 2017, Kaiweisha received China's green environmental protection products;

In September 2017, “Kweisha” won the best-selling brand in the Chinese fragrance industry;

In September 2017, Kaiweisha received the "A" certificate for indoor environmental pollution control;

In July 2017, "Kaiweisha" won the national consumer confidence satisfaction brand;

In October 2017, Kaiweisha received the “Class A” certificate for indoor environmental pollution control;

In December 2017, Kaiweisha won the ISO9001:2015 quality management system;

In December 2017, Kaiweisha received the environmental management system ISO14001:2015.


Corporate Organization Framework

1. Guangzhou Kaiweisha Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. (Headquarters)

2. Dongguan Kaiweisha Industrial Co., Ltd. (factory)

3, Air Pollution Control Research Institute (R&D and laboratory)

4. Guangzhou Kaiweisha Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. Shanghai Branch

5. Guangzhou Kaiweisha Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. Hangzhou Branch

6. Guangzhou Kaiweisha Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. Hubei Branch

7. Guangzhou Kaiweisha Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. Chengdu Office

8, Guangzhou Kaiweisha Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. Xi'an Office

9. Guangzhou Kaiweisha Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. Suzhou Office

9, Guangzhou Kaiweisha Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Office


Business Introduction

Market Analysis:

· The main sources of air pollution in human life areas are the sources of “garbage transfer stations,” “landfills,” and “garbage incinerators.” They have a polluted environment, and have serious odors and odors. They breed large numbers of mosquitoes and flies and have a major impact on human health. ;

· The indoor air pollutants are more serious and the concentration of pollutants is extremely dense, which is 2-5 times that of outdoor air pollution.

· The number of deaths caused by air pollution in the country has reached 111,000 per year, with an average of about 304 deaths per day;

· China has more than one million children under the age of five whose causes of death are related to indoor air pollution;

· 68 human diseases related to indoor air pollution;

· 93.6% of new car air pollution has exceeded the standard, especially in the car after exposure.

How big is the air pollution prevention market?

According to statistics from the National Bureau of Statistics, the domestic market for air pollution control has reached more than 10 billion yuan, and is growing at a rapid rate of 30% per year. The environmental health industry is a sunrise industry with huge business opportunities. It is a social industry and a large social market. It is also known as the most promising investment project in the 21st century.

Air Environment Governance Industry Annual Marketing Amount

In 2006, 10.4 billion;

In 2010, 21.8 billion;

In 2014, 50 billion;

In 2016, 100 billion

The average profit rate is as high as 29%, with an annual growth rate of 28%.

product description

Odor control

Odor control

Through the extraction of plant (plant odor) and cultivating biological bacteria (tasteless), we have obtained a very comprehensive odor removal product, which effectively removes indoor and outdoor (including large-scale industrial use such as garbage transfer stations and landfills). Odor, such as smoke, alcohol, sweat, body odor, pet odor, vomit odor, toilet odor, carpet musty, air conditioning, odor, and even decoration and decoration materials paint odor, paint odor, viscose wallpaper odor and other odors, Odor rate reached 98%. (maternal and child formula standards)

·Formaldehyde removal

Formaldehyde removal

Photocatalyst formaldehyde removal technology uses nano-inorganic dispersion technology to completely eliminate chemical pollutants such as formaldehyde, benzene series, ammonia, and TVOC. It also removes indoor viruses and bacteria for a long period of time to prevent the spread of diseases, and long-lasting indoor fumes and smoking. The resulting organic chemical pollution, which continuously maintains indoor air quality, can theoretically be effective for a long time. (maternal and child formula standards)

·Environmental fragrance


Use two-fluid physical fragrance technology to maintain the naturalness, non-toxicity, environmental protection and reliability of plant extract essential oils. At the same time, apply “smell marketing” to increase brand added value and allow your breath to talk to nature.

·Garbage transfer station/landfill intelligent deodorization system

Applicable place:

1. Garbage transfer stations, composting plants in the garbage disposal process, landfill leachate adjustment ponds, and anaerobic ponds;

2. Sewage treatment plant sewage pump station, inlet grille, aeration grit chamber, sedimentation tank, sludge dewatering workshop;

3. Purification and treatment of malodorous gases and waste gas such as paper mills, raw animal husbandry, feed processing and excrement disposal.


1. Using smart spray deodorization system combined with microbial deodorant to deal with odors, the operation is simple, convenient and flexible;

2. Compared with the adsorption method, spice masking method and chemical method, microbial deodorants have faster deodorizing effect, better effect, lower cost, and truly solve the deodorant problem from the source, and are non-toxic and harmless to the human body. No secondary pollution, no environmental pollution, safe and reliable use;

3. The developed countries use deodorants for deodorization to achieve the purpose of solving deodorants from the root (for example, Japan and other countries);

4. The microbial deodorant can effectively inhibit the breeding and breeding of spoilage microorganisms, interrupt the progress of the corruption process, decompose and decompose the organic matter into the fermentation direction, reduce the generation of poisonous gas, and significantly reduce the concentration of odor;

5, low operating costs;

6, the entire system automatic control, Internet of things technology, just a mobile phone 24 hours monitoring and operation adjustment.

Applicable place:

1, garbage compression station and garbage disposal occasions as well as sewage treatment stations, sludge treatment plants, its processing area can be from tens to thousands of square meters.


1. It has the function of suppressing dust;

2. Intelligent control system, which can be operated intermittently and can be started and stopped at any time;

3, open space can be applied.

4, flexible operation, covering a large area;


company culture

Corporate culture is long-term bred from the company's business philosophy. "Kaiweisha" has always taken the principle of "health and environmental protection" as its guideline. All products, regardless of production environment, raw material import and purchase, and packaging materials, are in close demand, ensuring that they are in any environment and any population (especially patients with chronic respiratory diseases, mothers and infants). , Children, etc.) Respiratory safety; "Reasonable clothing, Lingtai Kaige into" as a corporate mission, in the field of air pollution control Kaiwei Sha Pijian strong, such as fearless soldiers generally adhere to the green home of human breathing health, in the guideline and With the combination of missions, Kaiweisha pursues a diligent and down-to-earth attitude in pursuit of rational management and achieves the goal of “sustainable management” by combining people, events, things and nature.

At the same time, Kaiweisha also aims to “serve society and use it for the society” and continues to “contribute to society” to contribute to environmental protection and public welfare.

For Kaiweisha, the reason is to maintain the streamlining of people and things. If it runs counter to the principle of streamlining, it can lead to inefficiency, the working potential of personnel cannot be normalized, and the handling of affairs can easily be confused. As a result of the interaction between the two, the working will of the staff may gradually become negative and degenerate. Treatment also breeds malpractice in the mix.

Persistence has always been the focus of Kaiweisha's work, and it is also the sacred duty of all companies. We must ensure that all partners have reasonable profits, and we also advocate that all personnel work together to protect and protect the market. This duty allows companies to seek development. We have formulated rationalized rules and regulations for all matters involved, and we have taken the ultimate goal of perfection. This will promote the unanimous goal of the company and its partners, and encourage our strength to keep coming.

In summary, Kaiweisha’s operations are based on the ability to provide substantial benefits to its clients. It is even based on its contribution to the social population. significance.