Visual design

Job content:

1, responsible for Taobao, Ali and Jingdong shop page overall creative design (including the home page overall style, single product design, activity planning page, high precision picture design, two level pages, etc.);

2. Responsible for the continuous optimization and detailed description of the store's baby, making a description template for good shopping experience combined with the characteristics of the relevant products.

3, responsible for the whole shop decoration and store activities push; and participate in page revision and store activity planning.

4, responsible for the company's album packaging and poster design and production printing;

5, responsible for the company's company's product image later modification.

6, in conjunction with the completion of the interim work of the leadership.

Post duties:

1.responsible for the formulation and implementation of regiona1, have good art skills and color matching ability;

2. Excellent design skills and art skills; art and related majors preferred.

3, skilled use of Vi, Photoshop, Flash, Dreamweaver and other design and production software.

4, rich imagination and creative conception ability, independent thinking and ability to control;

5. Work conscientiously and conscientiously, with team spirit.

6. Please bring your own work.

Work address:

C2 1002, Greenland Central Plaza, science Avenue, Whampoa, Guangzhou


Post duties

1. responsible for writing project props, materials, and creative writing of hard and broad copy advertisements.

2. responsible for the company's external promotion, media report writing and creative performance.

3. responsible for writing and planning related projects.

4. promote writing work for the company's website and other brands.

Note: this position is a part-time job and can be contracted for long term service.

Work address:

C2 1002, Greenland Central Plaza, science Road, Guangzhou.