Industrial odor and exhaust gas control

Industrial odor and control of exhaust gas

working principle: 

        Caviser intelligent industrial odor management system is a “four-in-one” intelligent deodorization system that can achieve odor odor control, bacterial growth inhibition, soil pollution improvement, and the breeding of mosquitoes and mosquitoes, combined with plant deodorant, The compound microbial treatment technology can efficiently adsorb odorous molecules in the air and react with the acidic buffer in the phytofluid to convert it into non-toxic and odorless organic salts. At the same time, the compound microorganisms have oxygen pressure, and in the presence of oxygen, Aerobic respiration, complete oxidation and decomposition of glucose into CO2 and H2O, anaerobic respiration in the absence of oxygen, incomplete oxidation of glucose decomposition, production of alcohol and CO2, to achieve the purpose of disinfection and inhibition of mosquitoes, long-term use After the colony, the contaminated soil will slowly improve.

safety standard:

GB/T18772 "Technical Requirements for Environmental Monitoring of Municipal Solid Waste Landfills"

"Urban Environmental Sanitation Special Equipment" (CJ/T29-91)

"Control standard of landfill pollutants" (GB16889-97)

"Emission Standard of Odor Pollutants" (GB1455-93)

"Construction Project Environmental Protection Design Regulations" [(87) Guohuanzi No. 002]

"Construction Project (Engineering) Labor Safety and Hygienic Supervision Regulations"

Application area:

        Caviser's intelligent industrial odor management system is widely used at home and abroad in municipal sanitation (garbage transfer station landfill public toilets, municipal sewage treatment plants, etc.), industry (slaughterhouses, oil refineries, food processing, textile printing and dyeing, and spray paint. Jinchang, etc.), agriculture (fish farm slaughterhouse, etc.), commercial (hotel new car new home pet toilet, etc.).